Monday, 28 November 2011

New house and new wardrobe

I'm back!!!!!!!!!!!! So sorry for the huge blogging break, I've literally only just got the internet. Can you believe it - I was without a home for over 2 months, staying on friends... it was hard work! All I can say to anyone who is looking for a new place to live in London (especially East London), doesn't have a fortune but at the same time doesn't want to live in a squat - give yourself at least 4 months to look! It certainly aint easy! Anyway, a few snaps are of my new house (which I love, its so homely!) and some new clothes I have obtained recently. Going for the whole metallic thing.... but in a less girly way. I love this almost armour-like metallic vintage dress. It looks a bit dirty and haggard, but I like that. Also picked up the metallic skirt at a vintage fair in Balham... can't believe it's vintage?!?! and O.M.G I cannot quite explain how much I love my new fluffy jumper (see last pic)! I think I will be living in this from now on. All art work is of course done by my very talented father, my house is pretty much a homage to his work! So glad to be back and carry on blogging ! x